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Divorce Attorney and Mediator

For 27 years, I have practiced as an attorney and mediator in my own boutique law practice specializing exclusively in Divorce, Family Law and Mediation. I focus on clients’ objectives and critical issues, unravel complicated finances and entanglements, and problem-solve to reach beneficial resolutions.

My clients choose me to be their ally to navigate complicated divorce matters—because of my deep experience and commitment to understand their goals and to avoid protracted and unnecessary litigation.

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I leverage my extensive knowledge of the law, litigation experience and mediator training to help identify the bottlenecks that prevent agreement and craft innovative approaches and solutions to bring resolution without the cost, time, and emotional toll of lengthy litigation. I understand that each client has individualized needs and objectives, and while reaching a fair financial agreement is essential, divorce is an emotional process, and other things such as maintaining strong relationships with children and moving on with your life are often just as important. I work with my clients to achieve a resolution that will allow them to enter into their next chapter. When necessary, I am a tenacious advocate for my clients both at the mediation table and in the courtroom.

As a trained mediator, I am able to simplify complicated issues and focus in on the ones blocking resolution. By understanding the motivations of each party and helping them to separate emotions from their decisions, I bring parties together to reach an agreement—even under the most challenging and contentious circumstances.

For 8 years, I proudly served as Councilwoman in the Town of North Hempstead, representing Port Washington and Manhasset. During my tenure, similar to my private law practice, I was a fearless advocate who stood up for what I believed and, at the same time, developed relationships and collaborated with others to reach resolutions and move forward.

I am a member of the Matrimonial and Family Law Committees of the New York State Bar Association and the Nassau County Bar Association and I am also a member of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation. I participate regularly in peer group discussions with financial professionals, mediators, and attorneys where I promote and discuss utilizing a team approach to mediation as an alternative to litigation for high net worth divorcing couples. I leverage this network and expertise to benefit my clients.

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